Ep 39: Anthony Albanese & Nvsty Militia

April 18, 2017

We celebrate Record Store Day 2017 by chatting to this years ambassador, former Deputy Prime Minister, MP Anthony Albanese aka DJ Albo! Aside from politics, Anthony is a big music fan but did you know he DJs in his spare time and is mates with Billy Bragg?! Adelaide hip hop crew, Nvsty Militia also stop by to drop a few beats.


Ep 38: Matt Okine & Mane

March 29, 2017

You've heard Matt Okine on the radio and he's made us laugh on the TV but did you know he also raps?! Matt joins us to talk about his music project, Boilermakers and drops a bombshell...he did a song with comedian Scott Dooley?!?! We have to hear this! You'll also meet local artist Mane and Aiden goes on the hunt for Adele while in the country.


Ep 37: Aaron Gillespie & Wanderers

February 27, 2017

You may know Aaron Gillespie from Underoath, The Almost, Paramore or even his solo work. But do know why he gets online hate from his "fans" every day? Aaron opens up about his person battle with faith, parenting and of course music. Possibly the most intimate chat with Aaron on record. Dusty and Matt from Wanderers also drop by to tell you about their new release.



Ep 36: Peking Duk & Shane Cross

January 31, 2017

It's back baby! Back for 2017 with Adam & Reuben of Peking Duk who are possibly the funniest and loosest guests to date! The guys explain how their wide music taste shapes their sound and give you "the scoop" on their upcoming album. And the all you can eat dance chat continues with Adelaide's Shane Cross on the podcast too.


Ep 35: Birds of Tokyo & Banjo Jackson

December 13, 2016

You are in for a treat with this one! Kenny & Adam of Birds Of Tokyo share all about their musical journey and perform an acoustic rendition of 'Empire' for you. Folk pop artist, Banjo Jackson also drops by for a chat about what it means to be real man. 


Ep 34: KLP & The New Yorks

November 21, 2016

Kristy Lee Peters, aka KLP, is what we refer to in the biz, as a triple threat! She sings, DJs and announces on Triple J and kicks arse at all of them! Sound like something you might want to do? Well she may have a few hot tips! Plus we'll introduce you to indie rockers, The New Yorks....from Australia?!



Ep 33: Ryan Shelton & TXNK

October 26, 2016

TV funny man, Ryan Shelton loves his music to the point where he once bought a CD for himself and tried to disguise it as gift for his mum! Ryan used to come up with "Rydeas" on Rove but what is his amazing idea to improve online streaming? You'll also meet kick arse DJ, TXNK who DJ'd in the dark during the Adelaide black out.


Ep 32: Paul Dempsey & Naomi Keyte

October 4, 2016

There are two words in the music industry that drive Something For Kate front man Paul Dempsey nuts; "cool" and "relevant"! Paul opens up about what it takes to last in music as long as he has, while believing his best work is still yet to come. And say hello to the very talented Naomi Keyte. Just don't call her a singer-songwriter!


Ep 31: Nina Las Vegas & The Montreals

September 13, 2016

Ever wanted to start your own record label? Nina Las Vegas made the gutsy decision to quit her sought after job at Triple J to tour the world DJing and launch her dance music label. But as you'll hear, nothing has ever really intimidated her! And a real fun bunch of lads to introduce you to as well, The Montreals.


Ep 30: Bob Evans & Local Revolution

August 22, 2016

Kevin Mitchell, lead singer of Aussie rock band Jebediah and singer songwriter Bob Evans are the same person?! Mind blown. Kev joins Aiden to talk comic books, getting older, garage podcasting and naturally... music! Then after, your toes will be tapping to world music eight piece, Local Revolution.